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Matsumoto Dojo

Matsumoto Dojo is the official Manhattan branch of the Renshin-Kai Karate Organization. Since opening our doors in February 2005 under the leadership of Sensei Daisuke Matsumoto, we have grown into one of Manhattan’s most active dojos, offering classes 7 days a week for adults, teens and children.




We offer traditional Japanese full-contact karate in a unique and modern setting. From kata and weapons, to self-defense and bag training, our classes are designed to help you set short term goals—and reach your long term goals. We believe that everyone can learn and become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually in order to become a more peaceful individual. At the same time, we offer expert fighting, conditioning and sparring classes for those who want to take their skills to the next level and represent our dojo in tournaments.



Our dojo also hosts promotion tests quarterly, tournaments, karate day camp for kids, summer sleepaway camp, beach training and daytrips, barbeques, special trainings for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, an annual Halloween party, as well as other events throughout the year to promote mutual friendship and an exchange of techniques, often with other tri-state area full contact Karate dojos. It’s not unusual to find students age 4 to 64 training together—either at our dojo or in a breathtaking outdoor setting. We also actively compete in all Kyokushin and other full contact Karate Tournaments, as well as other style tournaments.



Whether you’re looking for challenging karate instruction, or a vibrant community, you’ll find it all right here. We invite you to take a free trial class.

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