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Dojo Etiquette

Please follow these rules of the dojo:

- Take your shoes off when you enter the dojo

- Say “Osu”, which means Respect, Patience and Appreciation in Japanese Martial Arts

- Before entering and leaving the dojo: bow ” Osu!”

- Before walking on and off the mat: bow “Osu!”

- Shake hands with both hands to show your respect

- Never use offensive language

- Wash your uniform regularly

- Keep your fingernails and toe nails cut short

- Take your jewelry off before class for saftey reasons

- No eating or chewing gum in the dojo

- No fighting or horse-playing in the dojo

- Only use the techniques for Self-Defense outside the dojo

- Disinfect and put back equipment after use

- Do not come to train under the influence of alchol or drugs


If you arrive late to a class: bow “Osu!”, kneel down, close your eyes and wait for the instructor to tell you to stand up and join the class.

If you must leave the class for any reason, please be sure to ask for the instructor’s permission.



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