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About Oyama Karate

What type of style is World Oyama Karate?

What makes our school different from other styles?

Will I be okay even though I have no experience as in martial arts or any type of sports?

How long will it take to become a black belt?

Do I need to be flexible to practice karate?

I have previous martial arts experience in another style. Do I have to start over?

Does the school have a locker room and shower space?

Can I still do karate even though I have no insurance?

Do I need know Japanese in order to train?

Does age matter and is it a problem if I am too old?

Will I have enough stamina to practice karate?

In the summer, are classes air-conditined?

Is there a Trial Class?

What should I wear to the trial class?

What will I do at the trial class?

My child is 14 years old, but he/she is very big for his/her age? The kids beginners class may not be suitable. Is it possible for my child to take the adults class instead?

About Classes

Whe can I start taking weapons class?

Are there private lessons?

Will there be sparring with the opposite gender?

When I need to bring any type of equipment when training?

Can siblings share hand guards and shin guards during class?

About Payment

Do you take credit cards or checks?

I am enrolled in the 2X week class plan, I missed a week of training, can I make up the class I missed?

I already payed for the 2 classes a week fee for the month, but I would like to change my plan to unlimited, how can I make that change?

I've been paying for class with cash from month to month, how can I change to autopay?

I am paying my class fees with autopay and I will be away for one month, do I still have to pay the fee for the month?

Are there any discounts?

About Dojo Etiquette

Do you want a time limit? For Example:

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