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Kids Classes

Tiny Tots Class ( 4-5 yrs. )

This 45-minute class focuses on karate basics and proper dojo etiquette in a highly spirited and energetic environment. The class also aims to improve your child’s focus, flexibility, balance, reflexes, coordination, and patience. Classes for blue belts will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays and all belts will meet on Thursdays and Fridays. According to Sensei Matsumoto, “By the time your child reaches the rank of blue belt, you will see many improvements in their attention span, muscle stretch, patience, social skills and so on."


Kids White to Orange Belt Class

This beginner’s class is specially designed to for kids at the level of white to orange belt rank. During the 1 hr. training, students will be introduced to karate basics and fighting techniques. At the same time, the class aims to improve their flexibility, reflexes, coordination and stamina.

Kids Orange to Black Belt Class

As your child builds their basic foundation of karate, he/she will rise in level and belt rank. The next step is to train in the orange to black belt class. Thia class will focus more on advanced forms and fighting techniques while still refining the basics.

Kids Green Belt and Up Class

This advanced class is for students, green to black belt rank. As students gain more experience, they will naturally start to build their personal fighting style. Advance techniques and training will be taught to further improve the students skill in karate while conditioning the body and mind.

Afterschool Program

We have classes for kids and teens every weekday afternoon, and offer a low monthly rate for unlimited classes, to make afterschool extra-affordable. We also currently teach an afterschool karate program at one of Manhattan’s public schools. If you’re interested in having us talk to your child’s school (public or private) about creating a karate afterschool program there, please speak with Sensei Matsumoto.

For Kata, Weapons, Tournament and Sparring Classes, please check under Special Classes page.

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