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Birthday Party

Looking for a fun and thrilling way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Our solution to you is our karate kids Birthday Party Program!


Kick it up a notch by having your child and friends experience the excitement of Karate while participating in games that will challenge their speed, strength, focus and targeting! This is a great opportunity for your kids to be fully entertained and have them learn something new and valuable. It will definitely be an unforgettable birthday party and many even spark you child’s interest in actually starting karate!

Package will include:

- Total of 3hours for the party

- Maximum 30 people

- Fun and games lead by Sensei Matsumoto!

- A large mat space!

- Large table for food and beverages, ice coolers for storing drinks!

* The Birthday Party Program can be modified to fit your child’s age interests. Please consult with Sensei Matsumoto about the party!

** Please prepare you own foods, beverages, utensils, plates, goodie bags etc.


packages start at just $300!

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