4/29/2017 (Sat)

IFK Kyokushin Rochester Tournament Result


First of all, we would like to thank Shihan Mike Monaco, Shihan Gregory Storklin, and Sempai Karl Biedlingmaier for hosting a great Tournament.

The Tournament was well organized as usual, and very strong fighters came all over from North region state of NY and Canada. We have learned so much from attending the event. We are looking forward very much to go back in their fall event.


Also big thank you goes to Sempai Earnan Vega, Debra Rodriguez, Takuji Ekuni, Risako Ekuni, and Chikako Takagi for coming along with us and your support for our competitors and dojo.

You guys made this trip happening, and made the trip very safe and fun event through out the trip. 


These competitors below did very very well and represented our dojo very strongly. 

I had many IFK Shihans, Senseis and Black Belts came complimented of their performance and their spirit. 

I am very proud of you guys. Now you can relax and re-cooperate by swimming in the warm pool. Enjoy as much as you want but no splash us!! OSU

Click here for the photos from this trip.


Isa Duarte - Kata 2nd place, Kumite 2nd place
Azu Iikura - Kata 1st place, Kumite 1st place, weapons1st place
Darius Gee - Kata 3rd place, Kumite 3rd place, Kumite 3rd place
Riki Ekuni - Kata 1st place, Kumite 2nd place, Weapons 2nd place 
Rio Ekuni - Kata 1st place, Kumite 1st place, Weapons 1st place
Gabby Duarte - Kata 1st place, Kumite 1st place, Weapon 1st place
Chikara Hama - Kata 2nd place, Kumite 3rd place 
Rion Bamba - Kata 2nd place, Kumite 1st place